Velkomin til íslenska hluta.
Velkomin til íslenska hluta alþjóðlegrar sýndarveruleika flug sambandsins (IVAO). IVAO er alþjóðlegt net servera til að fljúga og stjórna tölvu flugi í gegnum netið. Sem flugmaður getur þú notað MS Flight Simulator, Fly eða X-Plane. Eða með mjög háfleygnu forriti sem heitir IvAc. Þá getur þú notað netflugið sem flugumferðar stjóri. Allt án aukagjalds, en með vissum reglum sem koma síðar.
Skráið ykkur í íslenska hluta IVAO fyrir flug herma og tölvu flugið verður eins raunverulegt og það getur gerst.

Þar sem IVAO er alþjóðlegt. Þá eru reglurnar um flugið með net tengingu birtar á ensku.

Welcome to the Iceland Info pages.
Welcome to the Icelandic Division of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO). IVAO is a network of servers for flying and controlling online. You can connect with MS Flightsimulator, Fly or Xplane as a pilot or, with a very advanced radar client called IvAc it is possible to connect as a controller and seperate all traffic in a sertain area. All without any extra cost but with rules and regulations to follow!
Join IVAO and the Icelandic Division in this world scale game as a pilot or controller and play aviation as real as it gets!

These pages are created and maintained by Rick
I started with flightsims in 1982, on a ZX Spectrum. The first version I used on the PC was MS Flightsim 5. In that time, together with Frank and Sveinbjorn, two other flightsim fanatics, we created sceneries for Iceland and the Faroe Islands. This has never stopped!
All the information I received during creation about flying Iceland, made it possible for me to create these pages.
The information placed by me could be out of date's available!
Happy flying all, Rick


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